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It all began  25 years ago


since 2009​

Chef Kelvin Bellamy

His life in the kitchen started before he can remember. He grew up wanting to study law until he got to high school where there was a restaurant on campus, the teacher whom was a chef saw something in him that he didn’t know he had. His journey started there where he learned how to run the front and back house of a restaurant. Competing in a variety of competition from resume writing, culinary arts, and cake decorating, just to name a few.

His first job in the food world was for the Courtyard Marriott Hotel before he even graduated high school . As he continued to sharpen his skills he worked for a few other companies where he has been able to cook for some of the biggest events and for some of the biggest stars in the world.

Now having his own company he doesn't plan on slowing down. Catering for all occasions as well as teaching those who want to cook like the professional do.


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